Add context to GPT for almighty AI experiences.

Godly makes it easy to add data to

GPT for personalized completions.

Setup in Minutes
Godly makes it easy for you to setup and manage your context. Chat to your custom GPT bot in minutes.
Relevant Results
We use OpenAI’s embedding model to find the most relevant piece of context and append them to your prompts.
Instant Chat Bots
Each project comes with a chat bot to explore your context with no coding required.
Easy Debugging
The Godly Playground makes it easy to debug and manage which contexts are influencing your prompts.
Easy to use SDK
We’ve built Godly to make it super simple for builders to quickly integrate context to their GPT completions.
Future proof your context
Soon there will be multiple LLM models, with Godly you can switch between them with ease.
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